IRONMAN Stop Motion Action Video Part 8 Thanks to Big Bad Toy Store Disintegration effects thanks to RED GIANT Also thanks to.. Egg Attack" figures are made by Beast kingdom. Check them out here : Beast Kingdom website Thanos has devised a plan to get back his Gauntlet. First he needs to surrender and gain trust. But Ironman is suspicious and is watching him closely Starring IronMan Mark 50, Thanos, IronMan Mark 42, IronMan Mark 45, Spider-Man (Iron Spider) Stormtrooper and Dr Strange Help support this channel by becoming a LOZAUS patron For other stop motion videos, Check out... IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER SPIDERMAN STOP MOTION ACTION FIGURE SERIES the new Spider-Man STOP MOTION ACTION SERIES IRONMAN STOP MOTION SERIES BABY SPIDEY STOP MOTION SERIES SCARBU STOP MOTION SERIES Music by & Most sounds were made by us, purchased from and some need to be credited to the following members/users of Those members and sounds are as follows freemaster2__thunderstorm-loud wolffvisuals__wiping-window swosh.aif by man Cinematic Bass Boom by CosmicEmbers Thud-dry.wav by juskiddink punch.wav by ekokubza123 omar-alvarado__impact-hit Brutal Slaps by Project_Trident Crash02.wav by FreqMan

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