"This Is Me" - The Greatest Showman, Keala Settle Choreography by Brian Esperon Filmed at SKIP Entertainment on Guam Hey guys! It's been a while since I've uploaded a video, so I really wanted to come back with a strong and powerful dance. When I first watched "The Greatest Showman" I was immediately hooked to all the songs and knew I had to choreograph to them. This song in particular really spoke to me and I ALWAYS get emotional when I listen to it. I started choreographing to the end part in January for the SKIP auditions and it took a while for the whole dance to come together as I taught it in multiple sections throughout the spring semester. Eventually it blossomed into a full piece with over 20 dancers and multiple transitions and formations. I had to do a lot of planning and visual mapping for this dance, but it is one of my favorite pieces I've choreographed this year. I've been dying to upload this dance for a while now, but it was so hard to film such a big group in this small studio and get the perfect take. (PS can you see the whole in the floor? -- it's hard to dance with it there.) Part of the reason I stopped uploading was because I got to a point where I was so set on making sure everything I upload is perfect and complete. However, I always remind myself nobody's perfect and people are always going to critcize your work no matter what. Of course I wish we could have done more takes and clean up the dance a bit more, but I just had to share this dance and let you guys know I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere. #THISISME I really hope you guys enjoy this dance and trust me when I say this... I have a lot of new videos coming your way! Make sure to follow my instagram because I post a lot of new clips there before I upload on youtube! Social Media: instagram: http://instagram.com/besperon twitter: http://twitter.com/brianesperon facebook: https://www.facebook.com/besperondance snapchat: besperon Business inquiries: brianesperon@gmail.com Leave a comment below if you have any requests for my next video!

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