There Was This Girl, a song by Riley Green Here's the audio video of Riley Green song "There Was This Girl" Listen to new country song There Was This Girl by Riley Green with official audio and find the There Was This Girl lyrics in the description. All rights reserved to all respective artists and tracks ✅ Could you support us by hitting subscribe? 🔔 Turn on notifications to stay updated with new uploads! Lyrics to There Was This Girl [Verse 1] Never knew my old man's truck could even run like that Should've known better than to take that curve so fast Daddy pulled up, I was down in a ditch And he asked me why I did what I did [Chorus] There was this girl, drink in her hand Shootin' me a "Let's get into trouble" grin I ain't never seen somethin' so fine And I was doin' anything to make her mine I was out of my mind, she was out of this world There was this girl [Verse 2] Some folks ask me why I still pick this guitar They say livin' that life on the road won't get you very far I say man you should've been down in Tupelo Seen what was in the front row [Chorus] There was this girl, beer in her hand Shootin' me a "Play a little Skynyrd" grin She's turnin' it up, she's turnin' me on And I'd play her anything she'd sing along I was out of my mind, she was out of this world There was this girl Yeah, there was this girl [Verse 3] Didn't know a diamond ring could cost so much (Damn) Took six months on a farm 'fore I saved up All my drinkin' buddies still out on the town Wonderin' why I ever settled down [Chorus] But there was this girl, holdin' my hand Shootin' me a "Start a life together" grin She's pullin' me in, she's straightenin' me out And now I know what love is all about I'm still out of my mind, she's still out of this world There was this girl Yeah, there was this girl Yeah, there was this girl There was this girl #CountryTunes #RileyGreen #ThereWasThisGirl #CountryMusic #NewCountry #CountryRadio #CountryHits

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